Amrish Shah

Author, Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Director -Brain Science applied @ SuperMind™️.

One love, One world, One consciousness

Amrish- MLE, is embodied with twenty-three years of cumulative experience in Films, TV shows, Digital content, Novels and now applied  NeuroScience.

“You can escape the world but can you escape the truth?” quotes Amrish.

Amrish is currently the Director, Brain-Science Innovation at Supermind Foundation℠.
He is mentored by DR. Sarah Mckay, a Neuroscientist graduated from Oxford, also the founder-mentor at the Neuroscience Academy- Sydney, Australia.

Amrish is affiliated with The Neuroscience Academy (Sydney) for a lifetime.

Amrish is a Life member of the prestigious community: ‘Leaders Excellence Harvard Square’ at  Cambridge, MA, USA.

SuperMind™️ Motto: your thoughts, your superpower™️.


Amrish a graduate from The Neuroscience Academy (Sydney), induces brain and mind training for rewiring, to high-performance oriented individuals/professionals, corporate heads, sports as well as entertainment & media achievers, cognitively impaired human beings. With applied neuroscience evidence, any human being can achieve health, happiness, and unlimited human potential.

The Brain is Plastic and thus work in progress. One can diligently upgrade the brain or let it decline and allow decay. An average human brain is gifted with one hundred billion neurons and one thousand trillion synaptic connections. Our true wealth.

Only Seventeen percent of the populace in the world at the present time enjoy enduring mental health.

There are one billion people in the world who have suffered from some kind of brain disorder in present times. Will the numbers rise or we can change our destiny with neuroplasticity?

Three hundred Million people globally, suffer from Depression. Brain health is the only answer.

Besides lifelong learning in applied Neuroscience, he also conducts seminars, institutional training, webinars, TV/Web shows on brain efficacy.
Thus the brain is protected against sharp decline and races towards accuracy and longevity. Any willful being can experience exponential growth in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.
The ‘Refire’ training ignites the cognitive dynamite with scientifically researched and proven results that are published and updated in the most authentic science journals.

Amrish has also graduated in Positive Psychology from the University of North Carolina (USA) mentored by Neuroscientist- Dr. Barbara L Fredrickson.

Amrish is currently writing a fiction novel based on applied mind power to be published in 2018.

Amrish’s Mantra: Brain science is how super, the brain performs; all Brains are work in progress.

SuperMind™️ holds license to copyrights of Amrish Shah’s intellectual properties that are Novels, Screenplays and Stories.

SuperMind™️ under the banner Supermind Studio℠ also ventures into Film, TV, Digital content plus production.                                                                                

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Story is a quest. No mission, no Story. No guts, no glory.

amrish-thumbnail Amrish Shah is gifted with many talents. After working in the Indian film and TV industry for more than two decades Amrish turned Author with ‘Tiger Mates’, a romantic thriller set in the jungles of Chhattisgarh amidst the Naxal movement. It’s a story of two soulmates and their daredevilry in the face of extreme danger and fighting their inner demons only to discover their true calling. Tiger Mates entertains, engages and enriched the readers. Tiger Mates is a contemporary spin on the age-old concept of soulmates.

Tiger Mates is featured in 2017 at the world’s biggest book fairs viz, Frankfurt book fair, London Book fair, Book Expo USA, Beijing Book fair, Mexico Book fair.

Amrish’s next novel Rose Bullet’ is in the pipeline to be published soon.

Amrish has also developed a crime series for TV network, titled ‘Raftar’ for Priyanka Chopra’s production house. He has also created a film story for Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani’s Excel Entertainment, to be produced soon.

Prior to turning author, Amrish was credited for the story & screenplay of ‘Don 2’ starring Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and directed by Farhan Akhtar. The film which was released in December 2011, garnered more than fifty million dollars worldwide only through theatrical collections. The film was also premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.


With the core expertise being content, he began his career with directing TV shows, music videos and Ad films, and graduated to working as an Executive Producer with Star TV and later Creative Director with Sony TV. He also gained experience with Reliance Entertainment as a Creative Consultant, followed by a spell as the Vice-President (Creative Head) with PVR Pictures.

Amrish has scripted varied genres but his strength lies in Action-Thriller / Drama / Romantic capers. These novels / scripts are currently being pitched in Bollywood.

He is also the Director on board, of the filmed content house called Celluloid Dreams’. www.Celluloid Dreams produces content for TV and Web. The creative team also invests in story adaptation from novels, international films, as well as story development for various entertainment platforms.

Amrish has also created an international Docu-Drama on Mother Teresa as the Co-Writer and the Creative Producer. The docu-drama- ‘Beatification of Mother Teresa’ was showcased in Cannes and won a lot of critical accolades globally. It also featured Hollywood Star- Penelope Cruz.

Taking his love for storytelling a step further he became the founder-mentor with an online story foundation-, the power of story. Super Storeee is an innovative institution with offline and online facilities, Conducts Story Seminars / Webinars and runs a Screenwriting Lab. He has authored an ebook Story Victory available online at Amazon. The innovative e-book simplifies story design and principles.

Amrish’s motto, also reflected in his stories is- “Conquer yourself and you have conquered the world”

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