– A Romantic Caper Novel

amrish-thumbnailFrom the Screenwriter of “Don 2”, Amrish Shah. He is an Indian Author, Screenwriter and Filmmaker.
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Pick a genre not a girl>>>

Amrish Shah’s: Ten Most Successful Genre’s for a Super Storeee !!! www.superstoreee.com A writer can attempt any Genre that he or she pleases but the ten most successful Genre’s of novel and screenwriting are: Action, Comedy, Crime, Detective, Family Drama, Fantasy,...

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The longest story that i have written (23 words)

Spirit A spec of spirit so strong... a cosmic splinter couldn't grind it apart... the universe explodes, expands, still searches for a silent exit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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Neuroscience Coach- brain-science, mind power and wellness

Amrish Shah is a certified Neuroscience Coach with expertise in brain science, mind- power, and wellness. He is mentored by Dr. Sarah Mckay a neuroscientist graduated from Oxford University. Amrish has trained with 'The Neuroscience Academy' (Sydney) Amrish's motto...

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ROSE BULLET℠ By AMRISH SHAH A Romantic Caper Novel Inspired by true incidents. Love Conquers? Jannat Gill, a journalist from London, suffers from death anxiety. She lands in Punjab (India) to investigate a risky story on the 'contract killing' syndicate of Jalandhar....

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Who Will Save The Cat In Bollywood ???

Who will Save The Cat in Bollywood ? By AMRISH SHAH Roll Sound, Camera and Action... In typical screenwriting lingo, the hero “saves the cat” in the midst of a highly dramatic situation, against all odds, thus winning the hearts of the heroine, her family, her...

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Is there a train to a new world ?

Is There A Train To A New World? By Amrish Shah Author, Screenwriter, Brain Science Coach (supermindworld@gmail.com) The stationmaster at the Auber – the underground rail station in Paris was taking his last walk before he could take a nap. An overdose of coffee had...

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“Mother Teresa continues to Bless us…”

"Mother Teresa's blessings will always be with me" quotes Amrish Shah- Director at Celluloid Dreams. Amrish Shah who is a filmmaker and screenwriter (DON 2) based in India is also known as the Creative Producer and Screenwriter for a Docu-Drama on Mother Teresa....

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Penelope Cruz to act in Mother Teresa Film

Headline: Penelope Cruz to act in film on Mother Teresa BY: AFSANA AHMED Source: Times of India : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/cms.dll/html/uncomp/articleshow?msid=280585&Curpg=1 Excerpts: Hollywood beauty Penelope Cruz is set to lend her support to a docu...

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Legend of Mother Teresa lives on… in Amrish Shah’s film

Legend of Mother Teresa lives on in film Varsha Pillai CNN-IBN MODERN SAINT: The Beatification of Mother Teresa, is a 90-minute documentary that tells the tale of Mother Teresa's life.  Email  Print Mumbai: Words of wisdom, her generous ways and her charitable deeds -...

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