Your brain is your Hero, why look for one outside?

by Amrish Shah- Author, Screenwriter, Director-Brain Science Innovation (

You can escape the world but can you escape the truth?

Definition of a hero is a character that takes initiative, undertakes umpteen risks, acts with daredevilry against the evil forces, at times also saves family, friends and fellow beings. The hero valiantly tackles a pack of issues- emerges victorious- in the higher realm of the human spirit.

When we equate the same with our brain- the brain is always in charge, executes not just most but all decisions, undertakes risks of environmental hazards, manoeuvres through obstacles galore. The brain robustly combats information noise, physical damages, deformation by unhealthy habits and vices, decline by ageing, depletion due to stress and anxiety.

Yet due to its plastic nature, the brain performs trillions of successful feats. The brain navigates through a billion hurdles in the routine life, discovers unchartered territories, makes split second decisions, plans for the future, paves a way to evolution infinite. It constantly rewires whenever it finds meaning and purpose with any repetitive action. It grasps the need for well-being and records the habits where the neurons blaze together. Once the neurons fire together they get wired together, creating newer synapses and strengthening the older healthy pathways. This is the marathon the brain loves to engage itself with passion. This brain is designed to endure this ignition till the last breath, if its find meaning in the venture.

The brain if trained regularly with self-belief can break barriers and cross boundaries. The plastic brain has the capacity for neurogenesis which means that it can create new neurons even at a later age and thus enhance the overall efficiency of the brain. Nourishment and rest to the brain can increase the myelin that envelops the brain and makes the white sheath around the nerve fibres. This increases the speed of brain processing. Mindfulness is another practice that increases the synaptic connections. When the being observes her thoughts, the synapses between nerve cells are accurate and speedy. This results in the brain remaining young, armoured to fight more challenges. Every sphere of life enjoys efficiency when the healthy brain makes choices, controls the responses, initiates all thoughts, feelings, and action.

Like a dynamic hero in a story who surpasses all evil with inner growth, brain wiring and intelligence are not fixed and thus the brain can transform, acquire newer skills, adapt to tougher conflicts. However, the truth is that the mind can reload with power, reliability, memory, clarity, functional adaptability and dexterity. To the likes of a protagonist, the brain can save the day for the beholder and fellow-mates around her. The brain can tackle the situational fireballs and acquire the required craft, hone the talent, increase its attention span, escalate it’s processing speed and thus empower the thinking of the thinker. This would enable in making accurate choices and within the stipulated time. It is our decisions that shape our destiny, a few incorrect choices can destroy years of health and wealth. An array of correct decisions with brain efficacy can recast fortune and fulfillment.
The hero in a story is the writer’s creation and he rides as per the directions of the author. The brain too is the creation of the self. The self or the spirit of the self intentionally jockeys a healthy brain. The self or the spirit persistently redesigns the brain with newer learning, greater conquest, and empowered cognition. Thus destiny like the plastic brain acts like clay in the hands of a sculptor. She can create a masterpiece of a brain with a healthy lifestyle, brain training, cognitive awareness, and the refire of neurons, a treasure trove indeed. A sound mind helps vanquish mental and physical battles and nurtures growth with self-conviction. Hero means a rise of being through becoming, similarly the brain is designed for unlimited growth through synaptic plasticity and it will only achieve in gradual amplification. But unlike the Hero, the mind is limitless. Innovation. Malleability. Abundance.