Amrish is embodied with twenty-three years of cumulative experience in Films, TV shows, Digital content, Novels and now applied NeuroScience.

Amrish is currently the Director, Brain-Science Coach at SuperMind Foundation℠
He is mentored by DR. Sarah Mckay, a Neuroscientist graduated from Oxford, also the founder-mentor at the Neuroscience Academy- Sydney, Australia.

Amrish is a Life member of the prestigious community: ‘Leaders Excellence Harvard Square’

SuperMind™️ Motto: your thoughts are your superpower.™️

Amrish graduated from the neuroscience academy (Sydney), induces brain and mind training for rewiring, to high-performance oriented individuals/professionals, corporate heads, sports as well as entertainment & media achievers, cognitively impaired human beings. With applied neuroscience evidence, any human being can achieve health, happiness, and unlimited human potential.
There are one billion people in the world who have suffered from some kind of brain disorder in present times. Will the numbers rise or we can change our destiny with neuroplasticity?

Amrish at SuperMind Foundation℠ is working on a vision of a Brain app and other neuroscience applications.

He also conducts seminars, institutional training, webinars, TV/Web shows on brain efficacy.
With rewiring the brain any rational goal is accomplished.
Thus the brain is protected against sharp decline and races towards accuracy and longevity. Any willful being can experience exponential growth in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.
The ‘Refire’ training ignites the cognitive dynamite with scientifically researched and proven results that are published and updated in the most authentic science journals.

Amrish has also graduated in Positive Psychology from the University of North Carolina (USA) mentored by Neuroscientist- Dr. Barbara L Fredrickson.
Amrish is currently writing a fiction novel based on applied mind power to be published in 2018.

Amrish’s Mantra: Brain science is how the brain performs; all Brains are work in progress.

SuperMind™️ holds the license to Amrish Shah’s intellectual properties that is Novels, Screenplays, Stories.

SuperMind Studio℠ also ventures into Film, TV, Digital, content plus production.