Amrish Shah is a certified Neuroscience Coach with expertise in brain science, mind- power, and wellness.

He is mentored by Dr. Sarah Mckay a neuroscientist graduated from Oxford University.

Amrish has trained with ‘The Neuroscience Academy’ (Sydney)

Amrish’s motto is: “your thoughts are your superpower”

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Amrish offer’s applied brain science (neuroplasticity and rewiring) to high achievers, sports professionals, entertainment and media professionals, executive heads, creative heads, health and wellness professionals, science minds, and top industry professionals.

Excell, overcome and surpass your own self-imposed limitations. The brain is plastic hence it can change your mindset and transform you to a super you.

Amrish conducts webinars, on brain optimization and mind-power.
Likewise supermind- seminars in institutions and corporate workshops.


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