A Romantic Caper Novel

Inspired by true incidents.

Love Conquers?

Jannat Gill, a journalist from London, suffers from death anxiety. She lands in Punjab (India) to investigate a risky story on the ‘contract killing’ syndicate of Jalandhar. En- route she falls in love with a power hungry, entrepreneur- Rajveer with dubious business interests.

Mustard field romance or mystery killings of the innocent?

Lovers blaze until Jannat finds out that she is now on the hit-list of the hired guns, since she has stumbled upon evidence that lead to her dear friend’s murder.
Is she being hunted by her own beau?

Will Jannat conquer the fear of death?
Will she redefine her belief ‘power within you is greater than power without’?

Bloody betrayal or Soulmate sacrifice?

Explore your conquest. Discover your power. Find your soulmate.

Entertaining, Engaging, Enriching.

Rose Bullet Teaser:

Amrish Shah is the Screenwriter of ‘Don2’ that garnered fifty million dollars worldwide. Also the Author of ‘Tiger Mates’ which was showcased at the biggest book fairs in the world. Besides he is a Neuroscience Coach and a Story consultant. Visit