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Story is you and me,
the writer and the audience.

By Amrish Shah

The sole objective of a writer is to write stories that are universal in their craft but personal in the content. The more individualistic approach to the story the more unique it will be the greater will be the audience, who will get touched by it.

Remember the audience is humane in every which way. The audience can feel the emotions that the writer experiences through his writing. If the writer is faking it, the audience is least interested. To feel an emotion means to go through the depths of character and dissect them like a mind doctor. The writer then feels the emotional chords of the characters, which translate in words. Words when felt and narrated pierce the heart of the audience like a needle so sharp yet so invisible. The audience gets numbed at times by the pain of the character cause the writing is so strong, so personal that it captures the imagination of the audience to its maximum. In a world loaded with light years of information what will stand out is the uniqueness of the writer.

The writer’s unique perspective of life, character and emotions will shake the audience. The audience is so used to generic content, mundane information, general knowledge that when something extremely personal hits them, their blown by its acuity. The writer when very aware of his characters, externally and internally is like a missile than can cast havoc on its audience. It’s the singularity of attributes that every character boasts of, which enables the audience to surrender. Once the audience yields then every personality trait of the character becomes likeable or rather acceptable. That’s the reason grey characters and even dark characters are most remembered cause they are as personal as it can get. All humans have common emotions and layers of perceptions. Thus when a story is unique, the character personal, the mind of the audience kick starts to an emotional ride that they are always awaiting. This makes the job of the writer very easy. The audiences are hungry for intimate details about the characters that they see on screen or on paper. Intimacy of characters within and without makes the story a blockbuster in any format, be it a novel, TV, cinema or web series.

The success of the author is dependent on how personal he or she is willing to get with their audience. Wonder whether this applies to real life too?

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