Champion Charlie

Champion Charlie

Genre: Sports / Dramedy

Hook: Can young Charlie revive his mother from coma by simply playing a football match?

Whenever a mother is in trouble, a champion will arrive…

Charlie an eleven-year-old boy without a father is now on the verge of losing his mother to an accidental fall. She is in coma and the doctors say that an exhilarating emotional shock can perhaps wake her up especially if it comes from her love of life, her soulmate, her son – Charlie. Charlie a fat lethargic boy embarks on a journey to play football tournament for his school and thus pleasantly stir his comatose mother. He finds a father figure, mentor, in a recluse, retired, lovelorn, middle-aged, football coach Ranbeer.
Will Charlie succeed inspite of all odds? Is self-belief greater than prayers and procrastination?