Is There A Train To A New World?
By Amrish Shah

Author, Screenwriter, Brain Science Coach (

The stationmaster at the Auber – the underground rail station in Paris was taking his last walk before he could take a nap. An overdose of coffee had caused acidity. As he takes a big sip of water, he spots an unusual figure with a halo. It is small in size with a black briefcase by its side. He is shocked to a find a seven-year-old boy with a million question marks on his face. Dazed. Dreamy. Confused.
What on earth got him to the station at midnight?

“When will the next train arrive Sir?”
“But where do you want to go son?”
“I want a ticket to a better world”
The stationmaster in a singular thought fathoms the plight of the lost child- he mulls “the boy is a victim, just like me”
“Pas de proble`me, I will give you the ticket to board the next train which will take you to a better world, but it will arrive only in the next thirty minutes.”
“Okay Master I don’t mind waiting till then, can I have some water from your bottle”
The stationmaster now literally squats on the platform as the water trickles over the boy’s soft chin.
‘If my life was about managing trains this is a massive one!’

“And what do you intent to find in the new world, what business takes you there” the master enquires.
“I am fed up. Mothers are beaten and sisters are molested everyday. Father’s die of hunger and now young people are shot dead. I mean so what if they party in a concert, so what if they go to watch a sports event, so what if their shoes are torn, so what if they are on a romantic date, nobody has the right to torture them to death.”

The stationmaster finds himself cold as hell. Did the little boy just tear his heart into morsels! Was the last sixty years of his life so hollow that in one minute his entire existence appears null and void. But then life is about standing like a mountain in a desert storm. ‘Children of today are the minds of tomorrow’ his thoughts reverberate in his little universe.

“I can understand son but what makes you think that the new world that you are headed for will always be as rosy as you think. It might invite you with a blossoming spring, but then someday your own contemporaries might turn it into the darkest winter. Where would you escape then?”

“I will not let that happen, I will sacrifice my life to ensure that my new world is safe.”

“But that you can do here, right where you are born, on this very planet, at this very moment. If I were you, I would use my own courage, the strength that you already have to set this very world in order”

The wise man hands him a ticket, which has a sticker of a tiger on the back probably a candy wrapper and scribbles a seat number-10A with the sentence ‘train to the new world’

The boy accepts it joyously like a Christmas present but then gets disappointed when he sees the stationmaster smiling at him with irony.

“The choice is your’s my friend, in ten minutes, the train will arrive and you will decide your fate and perhaps the destiny of this world. Tomorrow your friends will soon come to me and ask for the same ticket to the new world and one by one they will be all gone. This world will be weaker, and deserted just like the concert where fellow mates like you were shot dead.”

The boy wipes a bead of sweat from his forehead with his red muffler and gapes at the stationmaster who walks away with dejected footsteps.

The fairy tales always promised him of a land where he could build his own globe. His favorite teacher once told him “you are the master of your universe, just find the right energy tools to create the planet that you want to live in”

The innocent eyes shimmer with resilience. His nimble fingers tear the ticket to fragments for good. The lad walks back to the entrance of the station from where he had arrived. He searches for the stationmaster but cannot locate him.

Just then a wrinkled hand comes from behind and hands him a steaming cup of hot chocolate. The familiar voice is brimming with prudence.

“First protect yourself son, fuel yourself from within, empower your belief, and then you can protect as many worlds as your heart desires to”

The siren of an oncoming train interrupts the baritone voice. Confusion! Dilemma! The boy responds promptly without getting distracted.

“There is no new world, it’s here and now. I am responsible, I am the superman here, I pray to heal the terrorists, i pray to heal the terror mongers”

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