Writing opens the gateway to the soul…
By Amrish Shah.

from his story coach website: www.superstoreee.com

Never knew asking a stranger at a coffeee shop for a cellphone charger could be a warm rewarding experience. It’s a Monday morning and I am sitting at a coffeee shop in central Juhu overlooking a busy street of Mumbai…Raindrops falling lazily as if they are trying to whisper ‘save water’.
Auto rickshaws dodging their way through traffic as if it was a Batmobile. Men driving to work with a hangover. Women driving to work as if they are going to hang their bosses. Children going to school with a heavy heart and a school bag which is heavier than the heavy heart… Just imagine. Vendors selling fruits as if it was gold. Bus stops lined up with people who seem to have spent half of their lives waiting for their bus. Umbrellas opening every now and then. A newly mad lovers struggling under the same umbrella as a trailer to the tough times to come.
The coffee shop looks like I am in Paris thanks to the vapour on the glass windows and the soft jazz on the private radio. And then I walk to this stranger and ask for a battery charger since I see her with the same cellphone as mine. These days it’s not a coincidence. She looks up sharply smiles, and says “. On one condition… “. I am listening I tell her though in my mind I am trying to recall ‘do I owe her some money’. She quips “only if I could buy you a cup of coffeee” I oblige… Is it the rain or is it my new haircut which I got as a freebee in the new saloon. She gets talking “I am a writer, just finished my first draft of my first screenplay and that’s when you came upto me, so I was being more than kind”. I had a smirk by now as I asked her “so you are not a seasoned writer uhhhh… you could pass of as one with those wayfarers”. She shoots back “banker, that’s what I am professionally… Gave up my job a couple of months ago just to write… To give my best shot to a passion I was nursing since my college days… But it took me 10 years to realize what makes my heart flutter… Now I know…. I am a writer at heart… And this is what I would do for the rest of my life “. I nodded with pride as if it was my victory. Simply cause somewhere I could relate to her as if I were a twin to her. The black coffeees joined us for the conversations. She shared her story the screenplay that she had just finished. I could smell the freshness, it was inner breath. It was about a male financial analyst finding his true self after meeting with an accident due to sleeplessness caused due to working round the clock. It was well conceived, maybe it was out of her own experience, maybe a friend’s episode, whatever but it was completely credible in its plotting. I gave her some tips and walked away with a thank you. She looked into my eyes straight. No it was not about two lovers parting ways but about two writers who had found wisdom in what they were doing. I could peep into her mind and see that she was free of unwanted desires, greed and had taken a pause from the rat race. She was getting to be transparent and light. I could feel her energy. Well it stopped at that.

Strangely she was so excited about writing her first screenplay, she never asked me about what I do. Almost like a first date with a woman who is only interested in herself. Not that I know of any besides a few hundred that I have been set up with in the past. Jokes apart, she definitely reaffirmed my belief. The very belief that writing opens windows to your soul. Writing takes you to a journey inside the world that is you. Writing helps you rediscover yourself. Writing is nothing but looking within, hence the motto of Super Storeee is ‘Write from Within’.
A prolific writer uses his or her own experiences to begin with. A smart writer looks for inspiration. A smart writer looks at incidents, characters, situations, that are food for thought. And if these sparks of inspiration come from within then it’s a sure shot work of passion. Individual Human experience is good enough to churn out multiple stories. Add to that current affairs, historic events, and edgy characters that one encounter in the day to day life. All of this concocted correctly can provide for the meat in a story. Finally when the writer adapts the inspiration and makes it a part of his own creation the story gains a personal touch. A professional writer combines his or her personal take on life with the external elements that fuels the inspiration. Moreso many a times the writer uses all his inner stories to chisel out a super storeee which smells of passion, creativity and authenticity. These are the stories that go a long way and determine success. These stories that makes a deep impact on the reader or the audience but amazingly it make a deeper impact on the writer… It makes the writer travel inwards.

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Writing opens the gateway to the soul…