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Story is intention

by Amrish Shah

A story without intention is a like a mother delivering a stillborn child. Intention in the story brings about a new perspective that the audience needs to get introduced to. Intention is what governs the outcome of the story. If the author or the screenwriter has no definite intention behind crafting a story, deep down the audience feel cheated. Its like being with a beautiful, multi dimensional girl only for a one night stand. The difference between a circus and a story design is that both provide entertainment but the story catapults transformation. A change largely at the subconscious level in the audience psyche is the hidden cause in a story. Story has been primarily defined as a mirror of a specific period but more than that a story delivers a solution for an existential problem in a subtle way. The writer applies a lot of thinking to bring out a trigger that can make the audience look at a specific issue or an unknown fact or moral attribute in a new light. Intention makes the audience feel the need for evolution of thought. Intention also enhances the knowledge and wisdom of the audience. Intention is what kick starts a new thought process in the thinking minds of the audience. Intention adds value to the story and gives it direction. At the end of a novel, or a film, or a TV series or even a web series it is the intention of the author that gets transmitted to the minds of the audience. The greatest of stories ever told have become immortal only due to intention buried inside like pearl in an oyster on the ocean bed. Likewise many a story have sparked of a revolution because it carried a very strong intention in its belly. A story is no story without an intention as its invisible hallmark. Any novel or a movie or a TV series has never become epic without a clear-cut agenda of intention. The greatest of authors and screenwriters have had the strongest of intention channelized through the story in the most concealed manner. The intention should never be ‘in your face’ or else it appears superficial. The intention is the hidden purpose concealed inside a purpose of pulp fiction. Similar to life what appears is not the actual reality, what is vibrating underneath is the truth. Story is intention and intention is story.

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