By Amrish Shah

Genre: Romantic Caper / Thriller

Inspired by true events!

Tagline: A Rapist Militant is hunted down by his own illegitimate daughter who seduces him to kill him…Bloody family!

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Neil, astute, athletic, ambitious, a forest smuggler with a tainted past indirectly finances the Militant operation of the Red Militants by trading in precious stones for them. However in actual, he is a police informer stealthily working his way into the secret of the gang operatives. Nestled in the forests of Chhattisgarh, the Red Gang is spearheaded by ex-university professor turned into a wicked mastermind. The Architect of Terror Debraj alongwith his psychotic chief Kedar is planning a series of strikes that would culminate with the assignation of the state chief minister who wants to sincerely reform the crime infested badlands. The motive for anti-social destruction is to create panic and insecurity to drive away domestic & international NGO’S.

In contrast to that, Shyla Gomes determined‐dexterous demanding, an NGO envoy of Indian origin based in South Africa arrives in Chhattisgarh. She covertly ventures in the midst of anarchy to prepare a ground report that will facilitate the NGO to fund the rehabilitation programme for the affected tribal community who are living in hell.

However the truth is that she has just discovered that she is the daughter of a rapist who happens to be the very designer of evil- Debraj. The cruel reason why her mother died with mental trauma after giving birth to her. And she is out for justice, for redemption, for annihilation of evil.

Likewise Neil is vying for an opportunity to seek revenge. His brother a young cop was brutally killed in a blast of terror perpetuated by the most dreaded duo- Debraj and Kedar.

Thus Neil a police informer in garb and Shyla imposing as a Nat Geo photographer hit into each other when destiny plunges them into the dreaded badlands. Amidst sparks of romance and desire, an adventurous journey propels them into the wilderness where survival is as tough as it can get. Rubbing shoulders with each other, the duo pursue their schema oblivious of the other’s true identity and purpose. Besides their occupational agenda, they have a strong personal intention which thrusts them both precariously closer to the RedGang Ironically both of them have a score to settle with the Red Gang leaders.

Simultaneously the Red Militants successfully eliminate all blockades and surgeahead in their mission to assassinate the political leader. The trap is laid and machinations are in place to put many innocent lives at stake. The Militant maniacs like blood thirsty hounds will spare no efforts to destroy the region for their devilish intentions.

The callous bootyhunter Neil and the daring, investigative Shyla unwittingly get entangled in the web of jeopardy and justice…

Will Neil and Shyla get united to annul the political assassination…?

Will they be able to attain their guarded personal cause- to seek revenge… To achieve retribution at any cost?

In the battle of angels and demons, will the truth merge as the real Hero?

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