Collin Rodrigues, Hindustan Times

Missionary on a noble mission

In India, Amrish Shah is best-known for writing Shah Rukh Khan’s much-awaited film, Don 2.

But not many are aware that, in 2006, Amrish also made a documentary on Mother Teresa titled, Beatification Of Mother Teresa.

His film was later showcased at the Cannes Film Festival and received acclaim from international audience.

The docu-drama illustrated the ethereal real life character (Mother Teresa) and the miracles she performed in her lifespan while serving the needy in India.

“One of the most profound lessons I have learnt in my career as a writer and filmmaker is humanity and that can be credited to this film. The story of Mother Teresa just humbles you, irrespective of who you are or even who you think you are,” says Amrish. 

The film, for the uninitiated, boasted of an international crew and was shot across India and Europe. The film also featured Penelope Cruz, which was the first time the Spanish actor worked with an Indian on any project.

“When you are working on a Mother Teresa film, everybody is on their knees. Penelope is a huge follower of Mother and the moist sparkle in her eyes in the film communicated how her soul was stirred by her deeds,” says Amrish.

Ask him why he chose the Spanish beauty Penelope to star in the film and he says: “Penelope showed absolute sincerity and humility that reflected in her voice, which is evident in the docu-drama. She spoke with such faith and credibility that her real inner beauty overshadowed her magnetic personality. If you truly believe in Mother Teresa and her deeds, then it will show in your personality.”

The docu was based on the life of Monica Besra, who was cured of an abdominal tumour through Mother Teresa’s intercession.

Amrish, who has worked on Don 2’s story along with director-actor-producer Farhan Akhtar, was credited as the writer and creative producer of the film. Don 2 releases on December 23.