“Mother Teresa’s blessings will always be with me” quotes Amrish Shah- Director at Celluloid Dreams. Amrish Shah who is a filmmaker and screenwriter (DON 2) based in India is also known as the Creative Producer and Screenwriter for a Docu-Drama on Mother Teresa. Celluloid Dreams alongwith Percept Picture Company and Sahara Motion Pictures ¬†was the Co-Producer on the feature length film. The 90-minute international Docudrama was showcased in Cannes. It has won a lot of international acclaim. Amrish Shah states “I made the film with all heart…I was deeply touched by Mother Teresa’s work and her order. Iowrked on the film for many months. I researched about her from every possible resource. I put all my soul into the film. Mother Teresa is still alive somewhere in my soul. My life went through a profound transformation after I worked on the film on Mother Teresa. I am still not satisfied with my inputs on the docudrama could have so much more. Mother Teresa has done so much that it is difficult to cover all of it. She changed millions of life. How does one quantify that. I strongly believe that Mother Teresa in spirit still blesses me…every day of my life… and she will continue to bless this world till eternity…Mother Teresa lives forever….”