Collin Rodrigues, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, July 29, 2011
Amrish Shah, who has written Don 2, has scripted Codename Anthony – a spy thriller that will be made into a film by I Dream Productions.
It will be shot overseas in collaboration with an international crew. “Just as a reference point in terms of visual treatment and action, it will be on the lines of Hollywood films like the Mission Impossible series,” Amrish says, adding, “Its theme is based on weather alterations and natural calamities, and asks whether there’s a human hand behind it. Overall, it’s a thought-provoking and edge-of-the-seat action thriller.”

The lead actor for the film, which will be developed into a franchise at a later stage, hasn’t been decided yet. “Besides an Indian lead, we might have some Hollywood ‘goras’ and other natives to play peripheral characters,” Amrish says, adding, “It’s high time India comes up with an original franchise with international appeal. So, the most important facet of the story is a universal theme that evokes cinematic emotions.”

Inspired from…
The film will go into production by the year-end. Amrish has taken inspiration for the script from the recent natural disaster in Japan, tsunamis and hurricanes in South East Asia and USA, and volcanic eruptions in Europe. “Do we realise the dangers that we are surrounded by, and what if people with ulterior motives find a way to manipulate Mother Nature?” Amrish asks.